Multimok Hammock: Suspended Camping System

Imagine leisurely hanging on a hammock with an awe-inspiring landscape in view. Did you like the idea? Multimok is the perfect modular hammock for relaxing outdoors. Called the “hammock of hammocks” by its creators, Multimok is adaptable and versatile to where and how you want to get comfy among the trees. Multimok This camping system accommodates all people without exception, guaranteeing security and durability when you hang about regardless of your age, height, or weight. Multimok also includes being kid friendly! Some different methods you can hang Multimok are listed below:
  • Two-point hammock
  • Three-point hammock
  • Four-point hammock
  • Four-point tent
  • Couch
  • Double hammock
This modular hammock can also serve as a taut surface, bed, canopy, monkey bridge, tree stand, gear sack, etc.! Multimok is easy to hang so you can quickly set it up and unwind in nature. Multimok currently comes in blue, green and grey for its liner that is breathable and water-resistant. The team is looking to add more colours in the future. There are special colour editions and designs depending on the reward choice you pick. However, its funding on Kickstarter ended on Aug. 22. This versatile hammock uses polyester for the webbing (black) and tree straps (orange). The polyester fabric has a tensile breaking strength of 2200 lbs (or 1000 kg). Multimok also uses stainless steel O-rings that is rated 12 kN for its breaking strength. The materials used for this product ensures that it is durable and capable of withstanding heavy weight. The team consists of Jake Graff and David Ray. The former is an inventor who has 20 years of experience in the tech industry. The latter was a military veteran who has a passion for creating adventures for people with healing and growth in mind. Both love Utah’s tree-covered mountains. The team created Multimok from the desire “to get outside and into the mountains and among the trees again.”

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