Mr. Sam: A Tool For Low Sodium Dieters

If one of your new year’s resolution is to cut back on salt, this little concept tool may catch your interest. Designed by Samsung and Art & Design Institute student Joongu Kim, Mr. Sam is a smart spoon that measures the salinity in food. For people with a penchant for salty foods and wish to reduce the amount of sodium intake, this spoon could offer a way to help meet those health goals. mr.sam-a-tool-for-low-sodium-dieters-3 Mr. Sam utilizes an ion sensor to detect the amount of sodium in the liquid that the spoon holds. According to the designer, the spoon has a taste recognizing sensor built in and the “concentration of sodium can be measured by comparing potential difference.” mr.sam-a-tool-for-low-sodium-dieters-1 The exterior of the spoon is covered in silicon, which makes it safe against fire and water. For easy access while cooking, the small hole at the end of the spoon can attach to kitchen holders. mr.sam-a-tool-for-low-sodium-dieters-5 The smart spoon connects and works in tandem with an accompanying app that not only keeps track of your daily sodium intake, but also creates personalized meal plans based on the data it retrieves. To collect the data, Mr. Sam connects to the smart device using near field communication (NFC). mr.sam-a-tool-for-low-sodium-dieters-4 Salt is an essential part of everyone’s diet. But excess sodium intake can lead to cardiac disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Although the smart spoon is at the concept stage, Kim hopes that Mr. Sam, smart spoon for low sodium intake, will one day reach the production stage and help those looking to make better food choices and accurately plan a low-salt diet. View the video below to see Mr. Sam work its magic in the kitchen!

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