Movable Furniture Inspired By Hand Trucks

Tired of lugging your sofa up ten flights of stairs every time you move? Say hello to a versatile and movable line of furniture your back will thank you for. Designed by renowned Hong Kong architecture studio CL3 and New York-based architectural firm Lim + Liu, this 12-piece line of modular furniture won’t have you breaking a sweat (or the bank) the next time you change apartments. Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning commissioned studio CL3 and Lim+Lui to create pieces specifically for the University’s New York campus. The designers behind the furniture line, who are all alumni of the University, signed on to the project as a way of giving back to their alma mater. The inspiration behind the furniture lies in an object ubiquitous to the New York cityscape: the pushcart. The versatile nature of the pushcart allows the boxy pieces to be used in both an upright manner and a reclined position. For example, a three-seater sofa, in a reclined position can be transformed into a coat rack when upright and a horizontal bench set vertical becomes a bookshelf. The modular pieces of the line are set on metal frames attached to durable wheels to allow for easy transport and the round metal legs ensure the furniture is stationed securely. The movable furniture line is well-suited for the fast-paced nature of urban spaces and can easily adapt to a dorm room or small apartment. While most furniture is clunky and unable to withstand multiple moves, the solid metal base of the sofas ensure the pieces won’t get nicked in the moving process. In addition to being both mobile and durable, the bright red, blue, and yellow cushions give the 12-pieces a cheerful aesthetic appeal that brings life into dull office buildings, home interiors, and communal spaces.

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