Morpherhelmet Folding Helmet

Morpherhelmet Folding Helmet is the latest innovation by English inventor Jeffrey Woolf that allows cyclists to pack away their riding helmets for a more convenient lifestyle. It aims to surpass relevant safety standards so it’s just as safe to use as any other helmet but easily takes half the space when folded down. Morpher_Foldable_Helmet_4 Made with components that are completely recyclable, the Morpher Helmet can potentially promote a greener and safer form of transportation. Morpher_Foldable_Helmet_1 The Morpher technology is patented worldwide but still undergoing tests to ensure it meets the U.S. safety requirements with a release slated for the spring of 2015. Morpher_Foldable_Helmet_2 With its easy folding and unfolding technology, the portability of this folding helmet will attract cyclists to stay safe during their commutes on roads shared with vehicles. Morpher_Foldable_Helmet_3 Video:

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