Moonlite: Books That Come Alive

Moonlite will make you wish you were a kid again. Created by Natalie Rebot, this device is exactly what a bedtime story has been missing. Remember when you used to make bunny silhouettes and shadow puppets? Well, Moonlite is here to boost a child’s fascination even further than that. The small circular gadget attaches to your phone and immediately becomes a projector for children’s literature. moonlite-02 Its step set up involves: sliding in a story reel, attaching Moonlite to your phone, opening up the app and starting the projection reading. The software is currently compatible with the iPhone 6 and beyond as well as the Samsung galaxy S6 and S7. The app is cautious to its blue light emissions, minding its users health interests, its background will remain as dark as possible. moonlite-03 Moonlite’s features are impressive. It projects full colour HD images that come along with sound effects and page detection. There is also an option for read-a-longs through word tap. A child’s reading skills are crucial to their development and this product caters to preciously that. Think about how eager they would be to learn with these animated bedtime stories by their side. Not only will it help advance their comprehension skills but it will also spark their creativity. After all, Moonlite turns the written word in their books to life size images on their ceiling. moonlite-04 Ideal for ages 2 to 7, Moonlite comes with a classic selection of fairy tales and more. Currently, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and the Ugly Duckling are a part of the core library selection. There is also an educational section where parents can find engaging alphabet and science content. moonlite-05 Natalie is passionate about this project because as a mother she has created Moonlite based on her parenting experience. Her daughter Chloe is now more involved with her bedtime stories and looks forward to them. To purchase this product click here.

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