Moona: Smart Pillow Temperature Regulation

Sleeping is one of the most important and best feeling things we do on a daily basis. Unfortunately for some, sleeping is hard to come by. There are extreme issues like insomnia, but sometimes we find ourselves wide awake no matter how hard we shut our eyes and think about nothing. If you want something a little more foolproof than counting sheep at one in the morning then you will be happy to hear about Moona. The revolutionary Moona sleep pillow temperature regulation device taps into the science of sleep to help you get more sleep, wake up more rested, and feel alert sooner. The human body operates in specific ways according to it’s temperature. Thousands of years of evolving has ingrained the cycle of getting a restful sleep into our bodies. We are meant to cool down whilst drifting off to sleep, and warming up as we wake to the challenges of a new day. This is why you want the cold side of your pillow while falling asleep and want to be as toasty as possible when waking up; it’s just the way we are. Moona aids in this process by gently cooling your body while falling asleep and warming you up when you have to wake up. Moona accomplishes this feat by changing the temperature of water, controlled by the quiet-running device, and running it through a tube to the pad placed inside your pillowcase. By using the accompanying app you can adjust your temperature cycle, based on your climate and when you actually go to sleep, and collect your sleep data. With said data, Moona can offer tips on how to get better sleep based on your movements while asleep, room temperature, ambient lighting, and even humidity. Based on your input and the device’s data, Moona will make temperature adjustments to maximize deep and restful sleep. If you have to wake up for any reason and do not want to use your phone, you can make changes on the quiet device itself. The Moona adapts to any pillow size and has been tested on 30 different material combinations. It is also made of memory foam and comes with a cotton cover, so you will not be negatively impacted by it’s presence. The device operates at less than 25 decibels so you can rest easy that it will not keep you up as it tries to get you to fall asleep. Sleep is too important to mess around with. There are too many sleeping-aids out on the market with alarming side effects. With Moona, all you need to do is set up the device, complete a questionnaire about your current sleep, and you are ready to get better sleep. As the nights go on, Moona will make adjustments and monitor your sleep. Why would you not want to get a better night’s sleep, or take better naps? Wake up feeling great with this revolutionary sleeping device. To get your very own, check out there Kickstarter here.

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