Moolux: LED Umbrella

Sometimes during the dark winter months or dark rainy nights, pedestrians need something that stands out for their protection, especially while doing outdoor activities. The Moolux LED Umbrella integrates LED technology into a standard umbrella for their convenience.


This umbrella has the ability to illuminate itself and its surroundings, increasing the safety of pedestrians during the night while keeping them dry throughout their day. The added bonus is its beautiful satin fabric. The LED umbrella was created to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. Throughout its various designs, most patterns are shaped out as a diamond outline glowing under the night sky.


The reason why this umbrella is very safe is because it not only brightens your dark surroundings but also ensures others can see you. This can be crucial if you happen to be walking in a poorly lit area or during a rainstorm. The frame of LED umbrella is produced using aluminum and fiberglass reinforced plastic. Therefore the product is lightweight and easy to carry around, just like any other umbrella. The aluminum is anodized to produce the handle and shaft, and the rib is manufactured with reinforced fiberglass plastic. The final product ensures a light design with a balanced weight distribution.


Manufactured in Taiwan by Long Wide Technology Co. aims to provide users with a different experience while keeping the design elegant, fun, and poised. The LED light also transforms the umbrella’s appearance by adding a unique attraction and style.


Design and technology comes together in this product. The final result is something fun, safe, and useful for you to enjoy. With various pattern designs, this product is eye-catching and stylish while keeping your surroundings bright.


Illuminate your dark nights with the Moolux LED umbrella. For more information on this product, check out its honourable mention on Red Dot Award.

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