Monkii Bars: Anywhere Gym

The creators of Monkii Bars 2, have one mission. That mission is to inspire people from all walks of life to be active, and to live your best life to the fullest. How many times have we come up with 101 reasons to skip the gym, or created excuses about why working out while on vacation just cannot fit. Truthfully, these things happen, but most of the time we are just staying in our comfort zone. Monkii Bars 2 is designed to be a portable, lightweight gym that you can take anywhere. The bars itself are produced using aerospace grade aluminum, ensuring the lightweight component. The most important feature of the Monkii Bars is the durable coating on the aluminum rods, that ensure maximum grip. The design of the bars are meant to appeal to various users by using attractive colors and by having three distinct lifestyle kits. monkii-bars-1 The Monkii Bars took three years to develop, so as to ensure its minimalist design to fit perfectly in the human hand. The three main kits offered are the ultralight kit, adventure kit and the durable all black tactical kit. All three kits come with various attachments including the removable suspension and foot straps. The ultralight kit stays true to its name weighing 15oz, and is smaller than two organic bananas. This kit is handy for beginners, those looking to get outside, or even for use on a quick lunch break. With a one minute setup time, the suspension straps are stored inside the bars and when you are ready to use them, simply remove and connect each Monkii to a strap. monkii-bars-2 The adventure kit, weighs 25oz and is great for use indoors or out. While indoors,the kit can be universally attached to a doorframe, with a built in case for your smartphone to track your workout. While outdoors, the straps can be attached to trees or sturdy branches.The triangle attachment system ensures the workout is fun, efficient and creative by expanding on the ability of the foot straps. Finally, the tactical kit is perfect for those who are seasoned fitness enthusiasts. It is very similar to the adventure kit, but weighs 26oz and it is ensured to have the most durable materials as well as a tactical trainers manual to challenge this rugged workout. To improve your experience with the Monkii Bars, the Monkii app literally makes the world your personal gym, as you get access to user submitted workout tips and tagged locations. So while you are on the go, you can find the perfect workout spots. monkii-bars-05 Monkii Bars is about leaving the hefty exercise machines behind to transform your world into your own personal gym. There are over 250 possible exercises and movements to promote freedom, fun and the full creativity to be wild. monkii-bars-4 For a full list of the exercises and more information on the Monkii Bars 2, click here.

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