Moni: Customizable Shelf

The Moni customizable shelf is just what the name implies: a shelf that can be customized to your aesthetic. Created by Carme Pinos Studio (located in Spain), this simple 2mm thick sheet of steel folds into a u-shape and transforms into a shelf. moni-customizable-shelf-10 There are three different sizes but each Moni shelf has a length of 38cm and height of 16cm. You can choose between varnished steel, white coated steel or dark grey coated steel with metallic effects. By combining the three different sizes and colors, you can shelve your things while adding a look that is unique to your home. moni-customizable-shelf-06 The Moni shelf is handy and versatile, especially since you can use it in any room of the house. You can put it in the kitchen to hold your dishware, spices, wine bottles or pots and pans. You can place it in your living room to hold pictures, DVDs, books or plants. You could even mount it in the bathroom so all of your belongings will be within reach. moni-customizable-shelf-04 Granted it does what other shelves do, the Moni shelf becomes inventive when you mount it to your liking. You can separate it and create individual shelves or merge them to create a pattern. You can flip them horizontal, vertical or upside down and every surface can be utilized as a shelf. moni-customizable-shelf-05 Put on an architect’s hat and customize your shelves to replicate buildings or create an endless ladder. This simple but uncommon shelf transforms you into an engineer and the only limitation is your imagination.

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