Moment Wraparound Smartwatch

With all the faster and bigger smart watches coming in town, the world’s first wrap around Moment Smartwatch tops it all with its clever 360-degree touch surface design and a fully functional QWERTY keyboard. It is made by A Ohio-based company called Momentum Labs, with one goal that is to attempt to break out from the growing crowd of smart watches with its distinguish design characteristics. Moment-Wraparound-Smartwatch-02 The design of the Moment Smartwatch consists of a solid piece of stainless steel machined down to a 0.9mm edge. It is meant to be highly stylized, so that is looks great on the wrist as a jewellery rather than an oversized smart watch. With a focus on design standards, the watch retains the traditional aesthetic featuring a digital analog for time display, accessible with a flick of the wrist. Moment-Wraparound-Smartwatch-03 One of the most impressive feature of the Moment Smartwatch is its 360-degree touch surface and a full-on QWERTY keyboard. The entire watch is coated with a semi-transparent hardened lens that protects the technology on the inside. Replying calls, texts, emails, etc, could be simply done on your wrist. You can also set up custom messages for a even faster response. Moment-Wraparound-Smartwatch-04 The hardware of the watch is another thing to look out for. Moment features a custom hardware module called Moment Snapware, individuals can add or remove custom hardwares to their watch on specific needs. Including but not limited to biometric measurements, GPS, extended audio, inductive charging and more. The smartwatch is also powerful in terms of its battery life, it could last up to 30 days of normal use from a single charge. No more hassle of frequent plug-ins. Moment-Wraparound-Smartwatch-05 The Moment Smartwatch is currently in its last prototypes. And when it comes out, it will be recognized as a beautifully designed product. The Kickstarter video features the watch, and shows how inspiring and exciting this new product is on a market full of outdated watches.

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