Mokacam: World’s Smallest 4K Cam

Buying a camera can be difficult. There are so many brands, so many types, so many options, so many accessories, so many manuals filled with complicated information—the list goes on and on.  With Mokacam, an ultra high definition imaging technology packed into the world’s smallest 4K cam, you no longer have to worry about bringing a huge bag filled with your camera and all its accessories to every one of your adventures. mokacam-smallest-cam-07 Mokacam was designed by a team led by founder and CEO Raymond Wang. This Hong Kong-based team put their technology skills and experience to use in order to create the world’s tiniest camera. With a simple, minimalistic design, anyone and everyone can use Mokacam. The creators aimed to make a product that would allow users to “focus on moment, and not on setup”. This small and lightweight camera is compact and durable. The latest technology is packed into a 45mm x 45mm cube. There is also a 270-degree rotating screen you can add to capture your moments from practically any angle. mokacam-smallest-cam-01 The list of Mokacam’s impressive features goes on, including:
  • video of 4000p at 15 FPS
  • a 16 megapixel sensor
  • a snap-on battery
  • a magnetic Mount
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • and a 60m waterproof casing.
mokacam-smallest-cam-04 The ultra high-definition camera also has 7 layers of lenses, creating clear and detailed photos and videos for every adventure, all distortion-free thanks to the innovative technology. mokacam-smallest-cam-05 Some other interesting capabilities include motion-activation, slow motion, and time-lapse options as well as the possibility to record forever! Plus, with the free app, you can quickly, easily, and wirelessly share your moments with friends! The app also allows you to control the zoom on the camera while recording. mokacam-smallest-cam-02 Mokacam has partnered with Feiyu Tech to offer both the Handheld Stabilizer and the Wearable Stabilizer for this tiny cam. These stabilizers follow Mokacam’s minimalistic design and high quality, so they’re easy to use too! You can also easily take Mokacam on-the-go with accessories like a headstrap, chest harness, and more! So capture more­ with Mokacam. mokacam-smallest-cam-03 For more information, check out Mokacam’s Indiegogo funding page.

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