Mojoe: Brew Coffee On The Go

Coffee.  Mmmm.  Life just seems to get a little better with that first cup in the morning.  And life gets a little worse when it’s time for your 2pm pick-me-up and you’re faced with the unappetizing option of work coffee (who knows when they made the last pot or where they even get those beans?), or spending a fortune on grabbing a coffee from your favourite java spot.  Okay, it’s not a fortune, but it does add up.  So someone has come up with a solution for you.  And that solution is mojoe™.  Mojoe™ is a travel mug that actually brews your coffee for you, whenever or wherever you need it. Mojoe-03 Joseph Hymen and Alexandre Wing, the co-founders of mojoe™, employ mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineering to solve the problem of  great coffee on the go.  Mojoe™ is a great way to do it because it’s simple and very functional.  It looks just like a regular travel mug but its extra features make it much more unique.  Mojoe™ has several separate reservoirs inside it for the water, the coffee grinds and the finished coffee.  To get going, all you have to do is put in the ground coffee, (mojoe™ has perfectly-sized packets available to make the experience even simpler) pour in any temperature water, and press the brew button.  The mug heats the water to the perfect temperature and releases the steam it creates through the coffee grinds, then the coffee drips out into its reservoir and voilà!  Great coffee on the go. Mojoe-01 The mug is about the same size as any other travel mug, and the brew button is ideally located inside a slight depression so that it doesn’t get pressed accidentally if the mug is tossed into a knapsack.  And, the mug can be charged at home, in the car or with reusable batteries so you never have to go without. Mojoe™ is a great way to save money and a great way to ensure you always have a great cup of coffee.

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