Modular Urban Backpack: Built for City Life

From the creators at Ember Equipment comes a backpack built for the wilderness that is the concrete jungle. The Modular Urban Backpack is designed for city slickers who need to carry their daily essentials – technological or otherwise- in a backpack that has all the durability of those used by hikers, and is stylish to boot. modular-urban-backpack-01 The Modular Urban Backpack is made with militaristic features that lend not only to its portability, but also to its endurance. Made from waterproof cordura nylon with bonded YKK weather-proof urethane zippers, this backpack is built to ensure that laptops, phones, MP3s or any other tech is protected from the elements. At its most basic form, the Urban Backpack is similar to standard backpacks (except with heavy-duty construction). However, the engineering and design of the urban backpack is such that you can carry more by attaching any combination of the add-ons that go with the bag. Whether it’s the laptop sleeve (which can carry a 15″ laptop), the iPhone case, or the U-Lock attachment, this backpack can carry it, and last. Other attachments include fleece-lined military pouches, cargo handles, and compression and utility straps available in either orange or black. modular-urban-backpack-04 If Build-A-Backpack was real, the Modular Urban Backpack would be it. Currently, the backpack is being sold with a combination of add-ons, with retail costs ranging from $265-$370. ¬†Nevertheless, this is a backpack that embodies the concept of compact city living. modular-urban-backpack-03 Watch the demo here:

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