Modular Rise Sofa By Note Design Studio

The Modular Rise Sofa is a part of Note’s Rise collection specially designed for Note’s Rise collection for the Swedish furniture brand Fogia. modular-rise-sofa-07a The low table is formed by the ash wood platform being extended out from one end of the sofa. It can be used as a side table. modular-rise-sofa-02a On the top of the base, the rounded soft cushions covered in quilted upholstery sit. modular-rise-sofa-03a The collection’s name is Rise because of how the shape of the seat’s back resembles to the sun coming up over the horizon. The purpose of the high back’s design is to keep the sitters from falling over when they lean especially if it’s an open space behind sofa. modular-rise-sofa-05a The sofas can be bought with or without the arms, and the range also includes a foot stool that matches the sofas base and fabric. modular-rise-sofa-06a The cushions can be arranged in different ways. You can either use to whole low table for the sofa cushions or leave a space on the side to use it as a side table. modular-rise-sofa-04a

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