Modos Furniture System: Connect The Way You Want

There’s a certain appeal to modular furniture—the simplicity, diversity, and versatility that allows it to adapt to almost any part of a living space. Industrial designers Matt Tyson and Andrew Personette from Brooklyn, New York, further this appeal with their very own Modos, a tool-free furniture system that uses a series of simple connectors and boards to form various pieces such as stools, shelves, and even standing desks. modos-furniture-system-connect-the-way-you-want-1 The boards are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council), laminated with formaldehyde-free glue, and made with three-quarter inch thick (15 layers of wood) plywood with solid birch and alder veneer cones. modos-furniture-system-connect-the-way-you-want-2 The andonized aluminum connectors allow the plywood boards to connect at various angles, giving the user the freedom to create different configurations. Simple and easy, Modos makes it seamless to create functional tables, chair, and shelves without any tools. modos-furniture-system-connect-the-way-you-want-3 Furthermore, the designers note that the aluminum connectors are designed to create a “friction fit” with the plywood boards, which, in effect, force the boards to reinforce each other to create strong, sturdy structures that can both easily dismantle and connect back together. With such flexibility and versatility, Modos lets your imagination and inspiration run wild in any working or living environment. modos-furniture-system-connect-the-way-you-want-4 With no need for tools (goodbye missing nuts, bolts, and wrenches), Modos functions to unsnap and snap back together to adapt to any new space—whether you’re moving to a new place and think the living room table needs to transform into a handy shelf, Modos is ready to shape itself into almost any piece furniture for your next destination.  Video:  

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