MK3: 5-in-1 Outdoor Smart Gadget

For those you may not know, a walkie-talkie is still a device that proves to be more efficient in certain situations than a mobile phone. The dynamic of a walkie-talkie announces a voice to several speakers relaying communication instantly. There’s no need for texting or recording phone numbers, which compared to speaking when communicating can be very time consuming. You just set up the radio and talk away. In fact, there are industries such as the film industry that rely on the radio frequencies of a walkie-talkie for people to carry out their daily work duties. But you can use a walkie-talkie for personal use too and find it very convenient and easy. The R2GEAR Outdoor Smart Brand company created a walk-talkie called the MK3. The MK3 uses a Bluetooth connection from your mobile phone for set-up registering use and connection to other mobile phones for communication. The MK3 is an excellent device for people enjoy the outdoors. Let’s say in a large group, there are different outdoor activities for people to participate in with a need to determine when all activities are completed. Telling someone an update of your activity status can be done effortlessly by pressing a button and talking into a radio, just as an example. When you have a simple means of communicating that is highly efficient and caters to a specific need you can find other likeable ways to use the MK3. The MK3 can be clipped into your gear making it easy to use, and its size also clearly plays a role into meshing with outdoor nicely. There is an emergency button that can be pressed and will give your location by means of GPS. The speakers are not only for transmitting frequencies, but also for listening to music that’s already listed with your mobile phone. You can use the MK3 as a flashlight as well. The benefits of this outdoor walkie-talkie are quite extensive, and for more information go to their Kickstarter page.

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