Mitte: Create Your Own Mineral Water

Constantly buying water bottles whenever you’re thirsty can’t be good for your wallet, and it certainly isn’t good for the earth. Mitte is a revolutionary smart home water purification system using a purification process inspired by the natural water cycle. The process is exceptionally simple. First Mitte purifies the water with a proprietary distillation-based method. Successively, Mitte enhances that pure water with essential minerals. Mitte is spearheaded by Faebian Bastiman, the scientist behind this innovation, and backed up by an international powerhouse of a team located in Germany. Together with the EU supporting them, they aim to solve a global clean water crisis. Water can be a great source of minerals for the human body, and many of those minerals have a higher bioavailability in water compared to food, for example, calcium and magnesium. Other water purification systems remove vital minerals in its cleansing processing along it the contaminants, leaving behind water that is solely pure but not healthy. Mitte remedies this issue by using mineral cartridges to replicate the process that occurs in nature to add back the minerals. Therefore, you now have a pure glass of water that is also healthy. Mitte offers three varieties of mineral cartridges each with unique mineral properties to suit any lifestyle and taste. There’s a blend for any need. Mitte Balance blend is an everyday water that features calcium, magnesium, and potassium that is perfect for brewing coffee or baby food preparation. Mitte Vitality has a higher mineral content, packed with more iron, zinc, and selenium to provide a more crisp and complex flavour profile. This is a great blend for those looking to improve physical and mental performance. Mitte Alkaline is the alpha of the bunch, the high-PH water is rich in minerals and antioxidants. This blend helps to combat acidity and fights free radicals in the body. You can monitor cartridge usage and automatic re-ordering of the cartridges on the Mitte App. Additionally, the app enables you to dispense water at a specific temperature and quantity and monitor machine usage. Our tap water might not be the most trusted source of hydration in all truth. Therefore, it contains contaminants like bacteria, fluorides, and microplastics. Mitte employs a patent-pending distillation chamber to execute the purification process to zap away virtually contaminants making it the benchmark water filter on the market. The Mitte helps you to free the world from the ever-increasing overabundance of plastic bottles by eliminating the need for them. Thus every litre produced by Mitte results in a 30x reduction in plastic waste, 20x less water waste and 28x less carbon dioxide emissions. You can find out more about Mitte or help support their campaign on Kickstarter.

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