Mister T: Versatile Side Table

Mister T is a highly versatile side table with a contemporary look and design. This unique multifunctional furniture piece is created by Paris-based designer Antoine Lesur in partnership with Oxyo. The French furniture brand Oxyo is well known for its ultra modern lifestyle furnitures. Mister T-Versatile-Side-Table-02 It is an unusual piece of furniture composed of a basket, a tray and two fabric cushions. The tray comes in white, giving the piece a clean and welcoming look. This sounds and looks simple, but Mister T is not just a side table. In fact, it is not just one-thing. Mister T-Versatile-Side-Table-01 The design cleverly combines several basic functionalities in one product. You can use it as a basket, a coffee table, a tray, a seat or even a footrest. The unit is uniquely and essentially none of these but a little bit of it all, in just one piece. Mister T-Versatile-Side-Table-03 The basket and the tray of Mister-T is made from Bentwood ash plywood with a matte varnish finish. Like a personal touch, each piece is a unique unit, with slight variations in hues dependent on the woods’ tonality and grain. Mister T-Versatile-Side-Table-04 The cushion’s fabric is available in three distinct modern statement colors: green, blue and black, or black and white. The dimensions of this convertible unit are 60x40x30 cm and weighs 7kg. Perfect for a quiet reading time alone, or a small get-together with friends, you can convert it into a seat or coffee table as the situation requires. Mister T-Versatile-Side-Table-05

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