Mistbox: Energy-Saving AC Device

What are some things that are important to you? Is it the world around you? Your financial future? Luckily for you, Mistbox does a bit of both! An abundance of households use AC to regulate the inside temperature. The cost of this, however, is an increase in CO2 emissions as well as an added expense to your bills. Mistbox has been proven to save from 20-38% of annual AC costs. It’s simple to install and track, with little to no effort on your part. In addition, Mistbox lowers AC usage by 30%- if global power production for cooling was lowered by 30% by 2030, the reduction in C02 would be comparable to taking 5 billion cars off the road. Equipped with sensor detection, Mistbox is able to determine when the AC unit is running. The Mistbox will only mist at appropriate times. This efficiency makes it easier for your AC unit to decrease power consumption while also increasing its capacity in hot environments, bringing long cycles down to normal ones. The mobile app adds a modern and conventional twist, making it all the more convenient to use and track. You’ll be able to see exactly how much you save directly on your phone! The steps to installation are simple: attach the wind turbine to the panel above the condenser fan, install the control unit, clip on the spray bars, and finally, connect the water supply. Mistbox’s water treatment system develops a fine mist that cannot harm the AC unit, instead, killing bacteria o contact and neutralizes dissolved solids in water so they cannot adhere to the condenser fins. To learn more about Mistbox, visit their Kickstarter or watch the video below!

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