Mirrored Contact Lenses

Millions of people use contact lenses in lieu of glasses, but a perennial peccadillo of many users are putting them in the wrong way, feeling the discomfort of that, and then turning them around. Designers Huang-Yu Chen and Shih-Ting Huang have come up with a conceptual solution to this problem – a sunglass technology film that is transparent on one side and mirrored on the other. mirrored-contacts-001 Traditionally, the way to identify the right side up of a contact lens is looking at a side view of the lens to see whether or not the sides fray outwards. This new design simply takes a brief look at the lenses to see whether or not the side is transparent.The lenses use a sandwich structure that has no direct contact with the cornea or eyelid, which provides enhanced comfort and safety. mirrored-contacts-002 The contact lenses include the technology of silicone hydrogel and reflective optical coating, which calls for 95% of infrared radiation rejected, 99% of ultra-violet radiation rejected, and only 8% of visible light reflected. mirrored-contacts-003 The reflective optical coating on the middle of the lenses make them appear like small mirrors; the same technology as sunglasses. Hopefully the mirrored contact lens will make the user experience slightly better for those who use them on a daily basis. mirrored-contacts-004

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