Minipresso: Pocket-Sized Espresso Machine

Sometimes, we underestimate the power of our hand. Wacaco hopes to expedite upon this energy with the release of the Minipresso, an on-the-go espresso machine that claims to be most purposeful during camping or fishing trips. minipresso-004 The Minipresso is hand-powered and uses technology that needs no compressed air or other technicalities to produce the coffee. All one has to do is scoop up coffee, ram the top down, pour approximately 2.4 ounces of hot water into the container, and start pumping the top to build up the pressure. minipresso-003 After pumping, you’re left with a delicious cup of coffee to be consumed anywhere convenient. The Minipresso machine creates coffee at an impressive 116 psi, which is the same pressure that is gotten from a traditional espresso machine. minipresso-002 The Minipresso is available in early 2015 with a cost of $39.

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