Outdoor Gym Inspired By Mountains

Timeless design and aesthetic appeal are not normally words associated with exercise equipment. Yet, when looking at the Kebne, a minimalist outdoor gym, it’s hard to see this structure as anything other than art. Inspired by the shape of the Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden, the outdoor gym features five peak-like structures that provide stations for low-impact resistance training, body conditioning, and stretching. The talented designers behind the gym, Johan and Nina Kauppi, created the Kebne to function as a modern sculpture that would both furnish the landscape and offer a functional use as exercise equipment. Far from the complex (and often pricey) workout sessions that take place in a typical indoor gym, the Kebne offers an inclusive workout space that is low-key and uncomplicated. Individuals are guided on how to use the equipment by pictographic images, and the many crossbars distributed at different heights on the five pieces ensure that all ages, abilities, body types, and fitness levels can take part in the fun. Looking to brighten up a drab landscape? The Kebne, which is available in bright yellow, rusty red, and anthracite grey (pictured above), would make a nice addition to a school playground, beach, urban park, garden, or outdoor recreation centre. As the equipment is fixed, users don’t need to worry about adjusting weights, cables, or counterweights. Simply move to a higher crossbar to adjust the intensity of the workout. In recent years, exercise has shifted from an activity shared with friends, families, and communities to an isolated ritual. Designers Johan and Nina Kauppi have seamlessly combined the worlds of exercise and design to create a piece of equipment that offers—similar to the mountain that inspired its name—an informal and inclusive playground where communities can come together to play, exercise, and climb to the summit!

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