Minimalist Outdoor Foosball Table

The Pure Outdoor brings foosball out of the dark ages. Gone are the dingy and hefty bulkiness of the game. In it’s stead is minimalist and Nordic inspired curvatures that push this game into the future. The Belgian designer, Alain Gilles, wanted to create something classic and nostalgic that we don’t have to hide away in our basements. Something that we could show off in any room due to its clean surfaces that match almost any decor. Gilles wanted this piece to appeal to both men and women without any burly masculine overtones but rather is focused solely on the enjoyability of the game. Designed for family gatherings and outdoor functions, the Pure brings with it a great sense of community making it the perfect entertainment for any party. The entire concept is fully customizable down to the table legs. You have your choice of colour and finish on the body and legs for a plethora of design combinations. The handles are chrome with an overall oak wood body for indoors, or a teak body for outdoors, and legs that make it the perfect addition to any bar, restaurant and hotel setting. The table features an abacus style scoreboard. From an aerial view, the body of the table references the timeless shape of the soccer stadium. The Pure possesses an inviting presence making it an exceptional piece for inside the home in the colder climates. You can find the Pure on French owned Debuchy by Toulet, a brand specializing in manufacturing pool tables since 1857.

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