Minimalist Wall-Mounted Hideaway Desk/Cabinet

Multifunctional products are always a win. If they’re aesthetically pleasing as well, it’s a double win. Without an official name, this featured product is a wall-mounted hideaway desk with multiple uses. The piece was designed by Lithuanian-based designer Dalius Razauskas and developed by the company Emko. The team wanted to create a piece that was inspired by three uniquely-diverse cultures but still be a product that fits into a modern home. This furniture and home accessory company takes inspiration from Northern Scandinavia, Western Europe, and Eastern Russia. wall-mounted-desk-feature This hideaway desk or cabinet can be used as a working or storage space. The T-line you see on this Emko product is where it divides into smaller sections for either organizational or categorical purposes. Opening any flap will show more miniature and convenient dividers that you can use to place your studying books, display items, or anything you want, really. wall-mounted desk-black-07 This product is extremely versatile as well. It can be installed onto the wall at any height the user prefers so that he/she can work on this hideaway desk comfortably. Its interior shelving system and sockets can also be adjusted to your organizational preference. wall-mounted desk-white-05 With its circular form, the hideaway desk (or cabinet) looks like a round pill. Made of wood and metal, this product gives off an ingenious and minimalist feel. wall-mounted-desk-yellow-09 This multi-purpose product comes in four colours with possible combinations. The available colours are black, blue, white, and yellow. An example of a colour combination would be blue on white or blue on black. See below. wall-mounted desk-blue-08 Gessato says this Pill Wall Desk is designed “to provide the cure for cluttered living spaces” in an innovative way. You can buy Emko’s products from the Gessato website. wall-mounted desk-white-03 As our world continues to build smaller and smaller living compartments due to the earth’s lack of barren space and its human overpopulation, this multi-purpose wall-mounted product offers a compact solution that is also aesthetically calming.

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