Minimalist Bookshelf – A.R.T for A.B.C

What is a bookshelf ? A shelf to store books. What is the ABC bookshelf ? A shelf that not only stores books but gives you a little extra something to read too !! The ABC bookshelf, minimalist in design, yet anything but minimalist in function, is a bookshelf made up of individual cubes, each of which is a letter of number that you can twist or turn to spell out absolutely anything that your heart desires ! minimalist_bookshelf_03 Created and handcrafted in Italy by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti for the Italian brand Saporiti, the ABC bookshelf has taken the design world completely by storm as it has been showcased in blogs and magazines worldwide. The creative usage of a typeface based, modular shelving system sets it apart from your average bookcase, making it an attraction for adults and children alike. It could serve as the inventor’s way of teaching a child the alphabet and numbers, as rather than showing them how it should be drawn, one can simply let them shape it out on the very motherboard of the alphabet – their bookcase. minimalist_bookshelf_05 Not only is it versatile on a creative platform, but also on a practical one, making it economically viable. The ABC bookshelf is available in three versions, i.e., as a wall-hanging, floor standing, and even as a Cubotto coffee table and seat. All three versions are available in two different materials, i.e., in chip wood which is essentially a laminated white on the outside and black on the inside, and even in ash wood,stained in multiple colours or in a special wood veneer finish. It really just depends on the kind of mood you want to set for your bookcase – the homemade shrine to the literary world. minimalist_bookshelf_04 The ABC bookshelf in it’s versatility in intellectual creativity, originality and practicality is indeed, a find worth keeping.

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