Minimal Water Bottle: The Bottle That Rolls Up

Whether you’re backpacking, camping, or simply going about your daily routine, drinking water and staying hydrated is an essential part of the day. Reusable water bottles are eco-friendly, but many are big, clunky canisters that are a nuisance to carry and take up space in your bag when empty. Oscar Bonilla Jr., the head of the Minimal Design Company, created a unique and functional solution called the Minimal Water Bottle. It’s a reusable water bottle that rolls up to a quarter of its size.  The bottle also has a sturdy paracord and firestarter that makes it an ideal companion and survival tool for your next outdoor adventure. MWB3 With a durable body made of high-grade silicone, this water bottle can bend and fold to fit pretty much anywhere from a backpack to a pocket or even a purse! Its minimalist design, bearing just the essentials, makes it super convenient to carry when empty and refill, ensuring that you’re hydrated throughout the day. MWB5 Less is more with the Minimal Water Bottle. It saves space and doubles as a fire-starting device, which is great for those of you who love to pack light! The cord is four millimetres, and allows you to attach the bottle to your clothing or backpacking gear. Connected to the cord is the flint/steel fire-starter that can quickly and easily get a flame going. MWB2 Blending the elements of water and fire, the Minimal Water Bottle, exceeds the expectations of the minimalist traveler. Whether commuting to work or preparing for a longer expedition, this convenient and multi-functional water bottle is a compact solution!

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