Minimal 2 Storey Planters

Designer Kunsik Choi is based in Malmo, Sweden. Inspired by wooden barrels used for Swedish herring, Choi created a series of wooden planters. The 2 Storey Planter is a dodgecagon-shaped container for your plants. Minimal in style, these plant holders give your greenery a wooden home. minimal-2-storey-planters-01 The containers are stacked and made of various types of wood, such as pear, wenge, and maple.  These are wrapped with linen yarn, the strongest fibre nature has to offer. This keeps the planters together when the wood expands and contracts with moisture. minimal-2-storey-planters-04 Coming in a variety of different sizes, all of the plant holders are unexpectedly dodecagonal, meaning they have twelve sides.  While this in combination with the 2 storey effect certainly work to set the collection apart from standard planters, these characteristics never detract from its simplicity. Inspired by Swedish wooden herring barrels, the 2 Storey Planter is a beautiful way to not only give your plants a home of their own, but to also do so in a style that will match any interior decor. minimal-2-storey-planters-02

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