Minim: All Weather Tech Fleece

Fashion forward usually refers to the latest trends and edgy styles of clothing on the market. MINIM, however, is a piece of fabric here to change the entire industry. The purpose behind these highly versatile pants isn’t just about appearance. The world on average buys 80 million garments per year, a large portion being distributed from Asia out to other continents. The carbon footprint clothing accumulates in oil emissions alone can be alarming. As a respond to this, MINIM has manufactured a multi-purpose fabric that is as stylish as it useful to our wardrobes and environment. Here’s what makes these pants so special—they belong to every season. The fabric is made of three thin layers, each one being very useful to the customer. The first layer is called a ‘4-way stretch’. This makes the pants very flexible (360 stretch fabric) so you can run, rock climb, relax, or commute all the way to work with them on. The second layer is referred to as an ‘8k waterproof fabric’. It can hold 26 feet of water without seeping into your pants. Lastly, the most inner layer is made of brushed fleece. This means it’s warm enough to insulate heat in the winter but breathable enough to remain cool during an active day. The pants are designed to be worn by both men and women and have been made to suit almost every occasion. You can wear them to work or at the gym, and because of the ankle zippers, you have the ability to roll them up or leave them fitted down. Currently MINMIN pants come in two colours, the dark khaki (pictured above) or black. This ensures its versatile appearance and makes it easier to match with your current wardrobe. To check out this product in more detail and order your own MINIM pants, click here.

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