A Mini Power Plant At Your Finger Tips

There have been portable batteries and solar powered chargers to get us through the day-to-day life of dying phones, cameras, or tablets, but nothing is as revolutionary as kraftwerk, a power plant that fits right in your pocket. CEO of eZelleron Inc., Sascha Kühn, created kraftwerk after his extensive research in his director role for a European fuel cell company. Kraftwerk uses a new kind of fuel cell created by their team that transforms gas into energy. It’s crazy, right? Walking around with compressed gas in your pocket, but it’s completely safe for you and the environment. a-mini-power-plant-02 The gas, coming from a conventional gas lighter or even camping gas, goes into an integrated tank within the device, and whenever energy is needed, it’s converted into electricity because of microtubular metallic fuel cell technology. Quite a mouthful, I know, but essentially, this is an electrochemical process rather than combustion which makes it virtually harmless. a-mini-power-plant-01 Kraftwerk’s power output is 2 watts of continuous output, powered from a USB port that you can hook up to anything from a phone, to a GoPro, or a GPS. At its peak power output, it releases 10 watts of power which will charge up your device quickly. Weighing between 160g and 200g at empty and full, respectively, the mini power plant is perfect to carry around on any excursion, measuring at 3.94×2.95×1.18 inches. a-mini-power-plant-03 Gone are the days for battery packs that require pre-emptive wall outlet charging or solar powered chargers that slow down on less than immaculate days. Kraftwerk will sweep the nation by storm with how easy it is to stay connected and charged up.

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