The Mindful Notebook – An Ideal Aid

Staying in the right mindset for work and projects can be a difficult task for some. Sitting down and completing a task or generating useful ideas is a problem for most in a fast-paced, digital world. This issue is what inspired the Mindful Notebook, created by Corso. The Mindful Notebook is a useful tool to boost productivity and thoughtfulness for work and other tasks. Corso’s inspiration behind the notebook stems from the constant speed that technology brings to our everyday lives. It can be difficult to follow everything at once, which is why a physical notebook can be so beneficial to your productivity. Writing with a pen on paper is not only a unique feeling that most tend to overlook, but also a useful way to absorb information. What makes this notebook different from the others is the quotes and prompts on each page. At the very top of every page is a different motivational business quote to get you in the right mindset for work. The majority of the page is available for the user’s own writing, which can consist of tasks, useful notes, thoughts, daily affirmations or anything else to inspire you. Finally, the bottom of each page has a daily gratitude practice, which is designed to prompts the user to write something that they’re thankful for, which can boost overall happiness. The notebook itself is high-quality and durable, with two design options. The original notebook is available in one color only, while the premium Ostrich Leather option has more anc can be purchased in blue, black or brown. Its sleek and simple design makes it easy to fit into your daily aesthetic, no matter what it may be. If you’re interested in increasing productivity and getting a Mindful Notebook for yourself or someone you know, visit Corso’s website here.  

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