Miito: Reinventing the Electric Kettle

Electric tea kettles are such a waste of energy. Since most people fill the kettle to the top when they only need one cup, wasted energy is spent heating unused water. So is there any way to prevent overfilling kettles with excess water and save energy? Enter Miito. Envisioned by designers Nils Chudy and Jasmina Grase, Miito is comprised of just an induction rod and base that heats only the amount of liquid one needs, eliminating any excess water. miito-reinventing-the-electric-kettle-02 Miito works like this: place any vessel—cup, bowl, or a teapot—on top of the induction base. As soon as you immerse the rod in the vessel, the plate creates an electromagnetic field that wirelessly transfers energy to the rod, heating it up and the surrounding water. When the liquid is boiled, lift the rod out to switch the device to standby mode. That’s it. Pretty easy (and cool), right? miito-reinventing-the-electric-kettle-03 And the device doesn’t even require an on/off button. Once you remove the rod and place it on the base, it signals the device to shut off. The minimal shape of the rod also allows it to be cleaned easily, producing less limestone, which makes Miito more quiet and cleaner than standard teakettles. Miito works with any non-ferrous vessel of any size and a range of liquids: whether you want to boil water for tea, heat up milk for your coffee or soup for lunch. miito-reinventing-the-electric-kettle-04 Logical, simple, and intuitive—Miito aims to capture the functional essence of traditional electric teakettles, while not only saving time but also saving an enormous amount of energy. So make sure to keep an eye out for this promising work in progress that may find itself into your kitchen in the near future. miito-reinventing-the-electric-kettle-05 View how Miito works in the video below:

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