The Mid-Air Switch Light: Heng Balance Lamp

We’ve all been through countless traditional light switches and lamps. Brighten up your life with the HENG Balance Lamp– a modern, everyday lamp with an interesting twist: the switch is in midair! HENG-3 It’s a completely new way to turn on your lamp. The two balls in the wooden frame are switches to turn on the lamp. Simply raise the lower ball to the upper one. As they are magnetically attracted to one another, they float in midair, creating perfect balance while turning the light on. The HENG lamp was designed to bring fun and imagination back into your daily life– through something as simple as a light switch. HENG-5 To best fit the environment of your home, choose from a wide variety of styles and colours. Shapes include square, ellipse, and round. HENG also comes in several different colors in the ellipse shape. Choose from black, red, and white to best match your room. Dark wood coating is also an option to better fit darker wood color schemes. HENG-7 The HENG lamp emits a soft, warm glow and avoids rough, harsh lighting, making it easy on the eyes. The sleek, minimalistic design of the lamp itself makes it suitable for any workspace or living room, quietly complimenting the overall look while adding a soft glow to the atmosphere of the room. HENG pushes the boundaries of design through innovation and interaction- it’s not as straightforward as clicking a button anymore. Explore the borders of magnetic energy with a lamp that’s never been seen before. Its strange and unique design attracts attention from any corner of the room. To learn more about the HENG lamp and how it works, watch the video below!

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