Micro: A Universal Adapter

Leaving our homes without an electronic device would be unusual. Think about it. Our mobile devices, whether it be a phone or computer, can tell us the time, allow us to jot notes, listen to music, and make phone calls. Electronic devices aren’t just important to us locally. They are also incredibly important if we travel abroad. Adjustments have to be undertaken to work in our favour, such as changing time zones, downloading language apps, etc. When abroad, charging your electronic devices wouldn’t be possible without a transformer. The problem with transformers is the unnecessary bulkiness that comes with them. Moreover, a transformer is usually specific to one country, and you may never use it again. This can make a purchase not worthwhile, especially if it’s expensive. A certain innovative universal adapter proves to be more effective for your dollars spent. It’s called the MicroIt’s an adapter that will allow you to charge your electronic devices in over 54 countries around the world. The Micro is a universal adapter that has been created to serve you anywhere in the world. The Micro can do this because of its physical design. It is small enough to clasp into your palm! There is also an extension that you can remove from the Micro, and attach it to serve as another pin when needed. Other specifications for other countries can be followed. Everything you need for power from an outlet is all within the Micro. For more information go to their Kickstarter page.

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