Meyou: Classy Cat Furniture

Meyou is a set of cat furniture that creates a comfy, relaxing kingdom for our favourite feline friends. These refined furniture pieces create a place for our cats to hide, play, and observe their surroundings without being spotted or disturbed. Created by Meyou Paris, the set includes The Cube, The Ball and The Bed designed for the harmony of your home as well as the comfort of your cat. Like the name suggests Meyou stands for me and you, a cat and an owner living together peacefully and comfortably.


The Cube is a frame that holds a soft, woven cotton bubble with a cushion inside. It’s a private space where your cat can nap or even sharpen its claws. The cotton balls are available in four colours so you can easily change them to suit your mood, decor or replace them when scratches become too noticeable.


Combining the sturdiness of wood and metal with the softness of cotton, The Ball is a cocoon for your cat that also holds an inner cushion. Place The Ball in any area of your home to give your kitty a place to lounge. 


Perched on wooden pegs, The Bed offers your cat a view from above its kingdom. Made of wood, 100% wool felt, and cozy bedding, your cat will love snuggling in this piece for its favourite pastime—sleeping! Available in three colours, the dome of The Bed is interchangeable and you can easily remove the bedding covers for washing.

Be sure to wash Meyou cushions and covers at a warm temperature of 40C. If you wish to store the cotton balls, simply flatten and fold them up.


Meyou furniture pieces are made through wood and metal working by professionals in France. Dedicated to making a difference, the company partners with a Parisian organization that helps rehabilitate persons with disabilities through work. Meyou Paris uses their work in manufacturing, product assembly and stock management.

Mixing curved and straight lines, soft and hard materials, the Meyou collection of cat furniture offers sophisticated and stylish pieces for your home while creating the purrfect sanctuary for your cat!

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