Mexico Creates: Ensemble Table Light

FRAME is a studio founded in Paris is 2015. Their name is a portmanteau of France and Mexico, a merging of two unique international artistic mindsets. This dynamic duo is comprised of Taina Campos from Mexico and Jeremy Godel from France. Frame takes a humbled stance in their product design philosophy to offer diversity and designs that reflect the essence of their manufacturing process, as well as being honest with society and the environment. Nearing the end of 2016, the duo decided to explore more of the Mexican side of Frame. Originally, FRAME was asked to participate in Kickstarter’s “Mexico Creates” campaign to showcase international design awareness. Thus, in conjunction with Galeria Mexicana de Diseno, these limited edition lamps from their Ensemble collection were born. Ensemble Lamp was largely inspired by their trip to Mexico City, a city filled with a cultural vibrancy which sparked their artistic fervor. Thus, the materials they use evoke elements of Mexico, from the warm sienna tones of the earth to the natural wood grain. Additionally, just as FRAME themselves are parts coming together as a whole, the entire concept behind Ensemble merges together the old and the new. It is minimalist design fusing with old world traditions of craftsmanship. Ensemble is a set of lights that function in harmony. Therefore, each light compliments each other in shape, proportion, and materials. These lamps are excellent for indoors to evoke a warm cozy space or for use in commercial settings. The lampshade is made of ceramic which is burned in an oven at 2231 Fahrenheit. FRAME offers two finishes: satin black on the outside with a shiny black interior and a clay engobe exterior with a bronze interior. Additionally, the head is made of solid oak and walnut wood for a natural and rustic finish. Furthermore, these lamps are produced entirely in Mexico City by those who are devoted to their work and ingrain love into each product. Frame owes their excellent manufacturing practice and environmental consciousness to this devotion to craftsmanship.

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