MeU: Wearable Display

Information sharing takes on fashion with Robert Tu’s MeU, the wearable display technology that combines app technology with wearable LED lights in order to create a new means of broadcasting information to the world. Initially, the project for the MeU stemmed from Tu’s OCAD thesis on ways of sharing information about one’s environment. Since signs are a huge part of the everyday world, the MeU came into being. Initially, it was meant to help with transit systems, allowing the daily citizen to use the app/light combo in order to broadcast information on “next transit” times, so that those without the benefit of smartphone access could also know this information. Since its conception and proto-type testing, the MeU has made potential for itself in many other areas and tasks. meu-wearable-display-06 The concept is simple. LED lights are encased in a pouch, and come with velcro straps or a hook and loop strip. The MeU is attached underneath the desired piece of clothing, and using the app (which is open-source), the user decides what image they would like to broadcast. And voila! A wearable display. Of course, the tech does come with its caveats. For one, it does not become visible in bright light, nor is it waterproof. Furthermore, it functions best with light fabrics, so wearing it when the elements are at their worst is not wise. Also, the app is currently only available for Android OS, not iOS. meu-wearable-display-08 The MeU already has several uses that range from cyclist signalling to fashion. Its most successful use has been as a marketing tool, where companies can use the LED display to broadcast their logos and therefore advertise with a different kind of mobility. However, it’s also found a place in fashion since the app provides a range of images from which to choose. Conversely, the creators of MeU have encouraged the tech savvy to make use of its open-source state and create their own app to let them add their own images to display. Suffice to say, it’ll put a new spin on the saying “wearing your heart on your sleeve.” meu-wearable-display-03 The MeU project is currently still seeking funds on it’s indiegogo campaign in order to be able to increase production to a larger scale. So if you’re and entrepreneur looking to get the company name out, or a cyclist on the road looking for a better way to signal, the MeU is bound to be a revolutionary step that’ll only add to the ways you can share information with the world around you. meu-wearable-display-02   Video:

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