Mesh: Minimal Chandelier Lamp

This isn’t your average chandelier. Mesh was created through experimenting with the spatial separation of LED lights to maximize the spread of light and to create a sense of independence. Each LED light is isolated from the other, enabling the idea of self-sufficiency. Each light appears connected but they’re really not. This encourages the abstract idea of being far apart but close simultaneously. mesh-4 The placement of the light nodes are determined by the Fibonacci sequence, which is found in nature and thought to be quite appeasing to the human eye. Due to its unique design, it is possible to choose which section of the lamp you wish to light up. The guise of independence is proven when each single LED light can be adjusted to turn on depending on the mood. Mesh-7 Mesh’s lightweight-looking structure imposes a sense of airiness and spatial sense with its neutral colours and transparency. Its simplicity encourages an abstract and thoughtful design. The network of metal cables is unseen before and is an eye-catching centre piece for any room. Mesh-9 The lamp is divided into four different control zones: upper ring, centre, lower, and lateral segments. Mesh allows the user to pinpoint which sections to turn on and off. Choose from max brightness to a light that’s dimmer and more calming. Personify your own Mesh experience by choosing how your lamp lights up! Add a piece of your own personality into your home by exercising complete control over the design of your lamp. Mesh-10 Explore the boundaries of beauty and design through Mesh—a chandelier with an unforgettable form. For more information on Mesh, visit their website!

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