Meltain: Eraser Reminds Global Warming

With consumerism rocketing and the climates rapidly changing, the reality of global warming is just that. A fact. For years, scientists have proved time and time again that with the global rising temperatures, the earth suffers for it by melting ice caps and irregular climates. It is up to us to keep ourselves informed and reminded of the fact that we must do our part to clean this world up for future generations. Skeet Wang produces an excellent token to remind us that global warming is a reality with his Meltain eraser. meltain-reminds-global-warming-03 The iceberg-shaped eraser about the size of a closed fist is a reminder of one of the top contributors to our changing temperatures: the melting of dirty snow. Dirty snow occurs when vehicle emissions, forest fires, and inefficiently burned fuels are absorbed by this snow. When dirty icebergs melt into water, that water becomes the habitat of many aquatic creatures, but the carbon content within that water rises exponentially. Think back to fourth grade science where water evaporates into the sky to become clouds then condenses to rain. The once dirty snow travels, spreading its acidic rain from coast to coast only to repeat itself again. meltain-reminds-global-warming-02 The purpose of Meltain is to remind us that these icebergs are disappearing because this giant eraser slowly shrinks in size as do the snow caps. We may not be able to erase our mistakes from the past, but we can learn from them. Having a Meltain eraser slowly disappear before your eyes (and with every use) is a reminder that our resources are finite and we must preserve them. Reducing our carbon footprint by limiting consumption and waste is a first step. It’s as easy as placing the proper garbage in the trash, recycle, or compost bins. It’s as easy as carpooling to work. Unlike the Meltain, once the icebergs are gone, we cannot simply buy a new one.

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