Melomind: The Ultimate Relaxation Headset

It sounds foolish, but sometimes relaxing can be a difficult thing to do.  Amidst our hectic daily lives, stress often gets the better of us, and even when we have the chance, we can’t seem to stop our brains from running wild.  Melomind is an innovative headset that guides your brain to reduce the effects of stress. melomind_02 (738x494) Co-founders and neuroscientists Thibaud Dumas and Yohan Attal worked in partnership with the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Épinière (Brain and Spine Institute) at the Pitié-Salpetrière Hospital in Paris to develop Melomind.  They sought to combine efficiency with relaxation to help make the most of our limited relaxing moments. melomind_04 (738x490) Melomind is essentially a Bluetooth headset with built-in EEG sensors that measure your brain activity.  The data is then sent to your smart device (phone or tablet), and then used to generate a tailored music program on Melomind’s app based on your brain’s readings.  This customized music experience is designed to train your brain to better cope with and control stress.  In real-time, the program adjusts to how your brain is reacting, aiming to achieve ultimate relaxation. melomind_05 (738x488) Over time, and with continued use, Melomind helps improve the neuroplasticity of your brain by training it to do something previously unattainable: completely relax. The product design itself also facilitates comfort with a foam-trimmed headband, and fully cushioned over-the-ear headphones.  Adding to the products functionality, the sensor portion of Melomind is even detachable, giving you the option to listen to your own music if so desired. melomind_03 (738x494) So quit trying to relax, and actually do it with the help of Melomind.

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