Mellow: The Smart Side Table

There’s yet another way to hear music! How divine is that? For music lovers, it would be. Tunes wouldn’t be playing from the usual source like a stereo system or a computer that has changed their technology thus the recognition for it, no, but all from a table! The Mellow is a smart side table that has multi-media functions. Using this table will eliminate one’s need for a speaker because it is built into this table. It requires a bluetooth connection to play music, which can be from you phone or computer or any other bluetooth device. The Mellow, at most, can be 10 metres away from the chosen bluetooth device, and it will play 3 hours straight at a volume of 100%, 5 hours at 75% of volume, and 7 hours at 30%. There are 4 speakers inside the Mellow with a power of 15 watts. 15 watts definitely will give sound needed for a rocking house party! Other features include a charging station for one’s mobile, an alarm, and it can also be used as a DJ system, if one might like that idea. There are 2 USB ports for charging electronic devices. It will take 4 hours to charge. It is powered with a DC 16V wall power adapter, and has a stored lithium battery inside. This table is not a four-legged table, but three-legged one that closely resembles a stool. Its design gives a sophisticated finish, and has not failed at that from clear sight. Its size shows that it can be made to fit anywhere, and can be used to really clean out an area providing certain essentials. Being an alarm, a music player, a charger, and a table the Mellow has done that exceedingly well. It is made from high quality materials such as Beech wood and micro-woven fabric that encompasses the interactive buttons for turning this table on and off, increasing the volume, and playing, pausing, and finding the bluetooth connection. To make a purchase or to find out more information go to its Kickstarter page.

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