Mellom: Between Furniture and Art

Unlike oil and water, sometimes, when you combine different elements, they work out aesthetically.  Like this stool design by Thomas Kaland and Sofie Margrethe Bjørnå, two industrial designers from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. Called Mellom, it means “in between” in the Norwegian language. Mellom_stool_02 The name comes from the two elements, wood and metal, that the two designers use for Mellom – a look “in between” classical wood and futuristic metal designs. Mellom_stool_04 As well, Thomas and Sofie wanted to create a product that played on the support and bearing structures of a design. The legs, which would typically hold the seat, never reach the seat. Instead, it is actually supported by the metal fixtures in the centre. Mellom_stool_05 The red on metal and white on wood enhances the contrast between the two elements. This makes Mellom appear floaty, sharp and minimalistic.

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