Matryoshka: Dumbbells Inspired By Russian Dolls

Sometimes we don’t have an easy schedule to follow where we can accomplish everything we want in a day. Maybe going to that meeting after work gets in the way of finally going to the gym. And maybe we aren’t so lucky as to have a home gym! There is no longer an excuse when you can have these versatile and innovative dumbbells right in your home. Matryoshka is a dumbbell set inspired by Russian nesting dolls. When we think of common household gym items, the first thought that comes into mind is very industrial and often clunky. With dumbbell sets, we often have to buy them in multiples, which means they take up a lot of space if we don’t have a dedicated home gym. Furthermore, plain metal dumbbells just don’t harmonize with the atmosphere in our space. The creator behind Matryoshka wanted something that blends in seamlessly like a piece of interior decor. When not in use, you can prop the dolls up on your table for easy storage. Additionally, the handles can be detached and stored in a drawer. Now any room can be your home gym so long as you have even just a little bit of surface space to keep these genius weights. Each part is divided into 1kg parts, so you can customize for your desired weight. The nesting aspect means you can keep it in your home but not have it take up more space than it should. The body itself comes in either black or white. The handles themselves come in 3 distinctive textured styles for easy grip: crisscrossed, polished, and ridged. Visit Matryoshka’s page to help support their amazing conceptual design.

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