Mathematics: Aesthetic Scissors

An important aspect of design is aesthetic, which is the visual component that allows for better interaction between a product and the person using it. Designers iAN Yen and firm Design YxR attempted to redesign scissors, resulting in their product, “Mathematics”. Without compromising the pivotal functionality of the everyday object, the redesign strikes the perfect balance between mathematics and art, allowing the object to be comfortable to use and great to look at. Being mathematically inclined, the product integrates the golden ratio in its construction; a famous Mathematical concept that is utilized in many applications of everyday life. mathematics-scissors-002 “Mathematics” features a circle-like structure on the top that is measured to the golden ratio. This contains holes that fit the users’ hand, as opposed to a smaller and larger hole in a standard pair of scissors. The lower part of the product contains two rectangular blades that can cut any material. The scissors come in two sleek colors – black and silver. The scissors can serve as a highly functional, quirky design accent for a desk or home space. mathematics-scissors-004 In accordance with Dieter Rams’ ten principles for good design, the Mathematics scissors strives to achieve the principles of being aesthetically pleasing while still being useful. mathematics-scissors-001

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