Mason Bottle: Indestructible Mason Jar Sippy Cup

Finding an affordable product that is safe, durable, and multi-functional for your toddler is easy if you check out Mason Bottle’s Toddler Tumbler. This 4-in-1 silicone sippy cup is the ultimate spill-proof product. Your toddler can drop this indestructible mason jar and it won’t ever crack because it is made of 100 per cent silicone material. sippy cup Whether the Toddler Tumbler is in the bag and moving about or your child enjoys shaking things vigorously, it won’t spill. If your toddler is careless and puts this sippy cup upside down in his or her bag, you won’t have to worry about a wet mess to clean up! The sippy straw is designed so that it only opens when someone takes a sip from it. The sippy straw is also removable and promotes proper, hygienic oral development. Unlike traditional sippy bottles with a hard spout, Toddler Tumbler’s straw is made with soft silicone which won’t interfere with your toddler’s natural tongue placement when he or she drinks from it. According to this product’s creator, Mason Bottle, unnatural tongue placement when drinking from hard spouts can affect speech development. The Toddler Tumbler can turn into a snack cup by simply removing the silicone straw. Considered DIY-friendly, pieces (such as the straw) of this indestructible sippy cup can be affixed onto mason cups. See below. Toddler Tumbler is also non-toxic and won’t come in contact with plastic. So you can fill it with drinks or snacks worry-free. This 4-in-1 sippy cup is also dishwasher safe. All compartments of it can be disassembled to easily wash it. The company created a cost comparison chart between Toddler Tumbler and other single-use products. The result is based on the average of the products on Amazon. Mason Bottle focuses on designing products that are multi-functional and replace plastic products. Its products are designed so that the products can survive throughout a child’s growing phase and substitute out single-use products.

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