Mart: Revolving Chair

As a piece of Antonio Citterio’s B&B Italio collection, Mart is a comfortable seat that cradles your body and gives you the utmost relaxation. Designed with two versions, Mart can have a base that revolves or tilts. The tilting mechanism (seen below) can be easily placed in two positions, allowing you to change the angle of how you’re sitting. Mart-Antonio-Citterio-02 Encased in a cold polyurethane foam mould, this Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners product is then covered with a thick leather, creating an elasticity and luxurious feel. Mart-Antonio-Citterio-04 Citterio and Patricia Viel founded Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners in 1999. It is a multi-disciplinary firm that excels in architecture, urban and interior design. And once again, Citterio has created a high-quality product with a straightforward function. Simply sit back and relax.

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