Marset Tam Tam: Cheerful Wall Sconce

Barcelona-based design company Marset has created the unique Tam Tam wall sconce. It is similar in design to their known hanging Tam Tam suspension lamp. The sconce was designed by Fabien Dumas. Marset-Tam-Tam-Cheerful-Sconce-03 The sconce is quite a bold statement piece that is available in a variety of vibrant, fun colors. You can currently choose between black, brown, grey, green, orange and sand. With all of those options, there is bound to be a color that suits your space. It also features a 360° rotating shade, which makes it both beautiful and practical. Marset-Tam Tam-Cheerful-Sconce-01 The piece measures at 8.6 inches high by 10.3 inches wide by 9.6 inches deep, so it is fairly large and provides a lot of light. It has a metal body and a flared lacquered aluminum shade. Marset-Tam-Tam- Cheerful-Sconce-02 There is no doubt that if you love and appreciate design and well made light fixtures, that the Marset Tam Tam wall sconce would be a beautiful addition to your home or workspace.

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