MAGNETIPS: Unique Magnetic Pens

For their first project, Typica, a recently founded design platform started by Noam Bar Yohai, decided to re-imagine one of the fundamental tools of design in the work place: the coloured pen. They realized that pens in offices and work spaces are becoming too dull and wasteful. Either a set of pens accumulates to clutter one’s desk or they run out, forcing whole pieces of plastic to be thrown into the trash. What they created in response to these problems were the Magnetip pens, patent pending. A set of magnetic pens to make creating with ink more enjoyable. These pens incorporate practicality with a little fun. Every pen in the set of twenty can be taken apart in a snap and have its ink cartridge replaced when empty. Two super strong Neodymium magnets are built into the ends of the pens. The refill capability is sensible while the magnets allow for creativity in the way the pens are organized, used and even played with. Magnetips 05 The magnets can stick to any metal surface, being long-lasting rare-earth Neodymium. Over the course of 10 years, Neodymium magnets only lose less than 1% of their strength. Even when held in repelling or attracting positions with other magnets for long periods of time, the magnets won’t lose even a fraction of their strength. So, storing ad organizing the pens using the magnets can be incredibly easy. Have fun by creating crazy and artistic designs on metal surfaces around your home or office such as a lamp, fridge or table top. Typica’s focus for the design of these coloured pens were quality and simplicity. The pens are built using a long lasting, durable polypropylene body, the ink is water based which is healthier for us and for the environment, the hex shape of the pens serves as a comfortable, ergonomic grip, and the pens are accurate, with a metal encased fine-line 0.4 nib. The people at Typica  have also created these incredible pens in a variety of colours. There is a choice of twenty colours, seventeen of which are vibrant, eye-popping hues with the remaining three being crisp black and light grey shades. The pens will be sold in sets of these twenty colours but in two different editions. The black edition presents the pen’s colour on a single band where the coloured edition displays a pen’s colour over the entire casing. The playful factor was upped even more when Typica decided to sell the pen sets with an option of adding chrome-plated steel balls. The possibilities for creativity are endless when playing with the Magnetip pens. Brainstorming and destressing in the office or at home will be much more fun when playing with these incredible pens. However, these pens are not exclusively for the nine-to-five office employee. These pens are the perfect blend of form and function to be used brilliantly in a classroom environment. Students from preschool to High school can enjoy these pens as a more interesting way to immerse themselves in school work, class projects and study time. Magnetip-pens-05-edit01 Typica planned to design a pen that was efficient but also more fun for the average artist, designer, writer or office worker but they ended up producing one that could be appealing to anyone looking for an upgrade on writing implements. The Magnetip pens which they have created are practical in their refill function, effective in their fine-line 0.4 nib, durable in the construction, and they are creative in the incorporation of magnets to enhance storage, organization, drawing style and play. If you are interested in the pens you can visit Magnetip’s kickstarter here.

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