Magnetic: Paper That Sticks To Walls

As our earth continues to age, the three R’s (recycle, reuse, and reduce) become more prominent in saving our planet. Tesla Amazing’s magnetic sticky notes is reusable, innovative, and fun. It is the perfect example of paper 2.0. magnetic-01 Magnetic is a brand of reinvented paper that can stick onto any surface without the aid of glue, thumbtacks, and pins. Some of the things Magnetic paper can affix itself to are glass, wood, metal, leather, and plastic. Time to resist the temptation of wanting to stick Magnetic everywhere. magnetic-02 Its stable static charge is what lets Magnetic products stick onto walls, including the ceiling! These magnetic sticky notes come in packs of eight stickers on Kickstarter. However, Tesla Amazing, the international team that’s experienced in product design and paper manufacturing, has expanded the Magnetic line to notes, pads, boards, and sheets as well. magnetic-stickers-08 You can use pencil, pen, or marker to write on Magnetic products and when you’re done, just erase — like whiteboards, except more colourful and fun. magnetic-erasable-04 These Magnetic sticky notes come in nine different colours and three sizes, and you can write on the front and back of it too. magnetic-reusable-07 All Magnetic products are fully recyclable like paper, and have a life span as well. Depending on the size of a Magnetic product, the life span of it changes. According to Tesla Amazing, Magnetic boards can last for years while small-sized Magnetic notes’ static charge may only last four to five days. magnetic-family-09 To fully utilize the life span, the surface you stick Magnetic products onto should be dry, relatively smooth, and not too dusty. A large amount of dust particles can negate the static charge and the function of Magnetic products. During Magnetic’s Kickstarter funding, Tesla Amazing created a campaign with the hashtag #AfricanEducation to equip schools in Africa with Magnetic products. For every $1,000 they raised, the team was capable of providing one school with 10 Magnetic and three maps, erasers, and markers.

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