Magne-Hinge Glasses: The Unbreakable Glasses

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced the soul-crushing dilemma of trying to fix a pair of glasses with a tiny screwdriver and an even punier screw! Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who never had to suffer through a loose screw in your glasses.  However, if you’re like me and wear spectacles constantly, the idea of placing a tiny screw inside a tiny hole while simultaneously trying to hold the entire frame together, all while not being able to see is upright nightmare-inducing.  But fret not! Nendo, a Japanese design studio, has broken through the designer crowd by creating simple and imaginative products you never realized you needed. Oki Sato, the face behind the brand, offers many unique products that are meant to give people a “small ‘!’ moment”, a second of amazement for such simplicity. And with his Magne-Hinge Glasses, he certainly hit the nail on the head. magne_hinge_01 (738x493) Magne-Hinge is exactly what its name claims. The arms of the glasses are magnetic hinges that attach to the frame. Made of 0.8mm carved titanium, the arms are held together with the frame and lenses via magnets. Instead of screws coming loose and popping out, magnets keep everything in place. What’s great about this design is that the magnets are immensely strong so they will stay locked in place with the frame.  However, they are flexible, allowing extra width for people with a bit wider face. magne-hinge-glasses-01 What’s more, because Magne-Hinge are magnetic frames, glasses styles can easily be switched up to mix and match different colours or styles of arms to the lenses. Simply pull the old Magne-Hinge arms to the side to swap it up, and you’ve got a new pair of glasses! magne_hinge_02 (738x481) The struggle of fixing loose glasses is gone with Nendo’s innovative creation. No more scrounging around for dropped tiny screws or suffering from hand-cramping due to intense precision concentration. Say screw it to fragile frames and get connected magnetically with Magne-Hinge glasses! magne-hinge-glasses-03

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