Magic Magnetic Tray – Carrying with Confidence

The Magic Magnetic Tray is more than a dream come true for those who keep spilling food and drinks on their tray. Designed by Ryan Jongwoo Choi, this tray concept makes it easy for anyone to carry bowls of food and glasses of beverages without dropping anything. Magic-Magnetic-Tray-01 The way this product is designed, it appears to work like magic, as the tray keeps dishware intact and in place through the clever use of magnetism. The magnets are strategically placed to prevent the dishes from sliding off the tray. Magic-Magnetic-Tray-03 The trick is, when this smart tray is picked up, and the handles are compressed,the magnetic fields are activated. So, the tray can be tilted up to 45 degrees safely, before the objects on the tray begin to lose hold. Made of smooth-looking plywood, the tray can hold up to two cups and two plates or bowls. Each dish bought with the tray has a magnetic ring attached to its bottom, thereby creating the magic effect. Magic-Magnetic-Tray-04 Designed with waiters and waitresses who balance multiple dishes in mind , the Magic Magnetic Tray is an easy way to help them serve better. Video

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